SD64 DFL June Fundraiser

Join us at the home of Bill Struskinski & Kirsten Libby (11 Crocus Hill, St. Paul) for our June SD64 DFL Fundraiser.  The fundraiser is on June 18 from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Watch your mailboxes with a postcard on more information.  If you have any questions you can contact Adam at or our main email,  See you then!

Saint Paul City Caucus & Ward Conventions – Tuesday, April 16 7:00 pm

St. Paul’s Caucus & Ward Conventions are next Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 pm! To see which Ward you belong to check out the Polling Place Finder through the Secretary of State ( Here is the information on each Ward:

Ward 1 – Capitol Hill Magnet School – 560 Concordia Ave
(Ward 1 will elect 71 City Delegates and 71 up to 71 Alternates)

Ward 2 – Humboldt High School – 30 East Baker Street
(Ward 2 will elect 78 City Delegates and up to 78 Alternates)

Ward 3 – Highland Park Junior High – 975 South Snelling Ave
(Ward 3 will elect 93 City Delegates and up to 93 Alternates)

Ward 4 – Hancock Elementary – Snelling and Englewood
(Ward 4 will Elect 86 City Delegates and up to 86 Alternates)

Ward 5 – Como Park High School – 740 Rose Avenue West
(Ward 5 will elect 58 City Delegates and up to 58 Alternates)

Ward 6 – Johnson High School – 1349 Arcade Street
(Ward 6 will elect 55 City Delegates and to 55 Alternates)

Ward 7 – Harding High School – 1540 East 6th Street
(Ward 7 will elect 59 City Delegates and up to 59 Alternates)

To see how you can help out at your Caucus & Ward Convention see the Ward Coordinator Contact List through the Saint Paul City DFL :

Now is the time to get involved in City politics! Like Beth Commers said at our meeting, city issues effect your life every day – get involved!! See you all next Tuesday!

Phone Bank for Mayor Chris Coleman

Help out the Re-Elect Coleman for Mayor Campaign before the St. Paul Caucuses! There will be a phone banking event on Sunday, April 14.

Here are the details:
Pre-Precinct Phone Bank
AFSCME Council 5 Office
300 Hardman Ave. S, South St. Paul
5:30 – 8:30 pm

For more information contact Emily Weber at This is a perfect way to get involved in the city election! Come out and support our Mayor!

Credentials Committee Notes from February Meetings

Notes from 7pm 2/28 SD64 DFL Credentials Committee

Attending: Kat, Ora, Russ, Eric (taking notes), Barb, Dan, and Ben on the phone.

Welcoming Barb and Ben from SD66.

Eric described some of the impact of redistricting. We have added all or part of four precincts from SD66 and lost parts of 1-1 and 1-2 to SD65. The MN DFL is supposed to get revised data to us any day now, but it is not here yet. The VAN is also frozen until this is done.

We checked the SD66 delegate lists to make sure we have signatures for each delegate. A number of problems were identified that the committee will follow up with once the VAN is at full strength.

We expect that a final list of delegates will be required by the rules committee by 3/12 so that they can meet their 3/15 mailing deadline for the official call.

As its first official act (now that redistricting is complete and we have all our members) the credentials committee elected Kat as chair, Eric as co-chair.

Credentials committee members decided to cancel the 3/4 meeting since the VAN is unlikely to allow edits much before then. Instead we will next meet on Thursday 3/8 at 7pm at Eric’s house and, if needed, on Sunday 3/11 at 2pm at Kat’s house.

Notes from 7pm 2/16 SD64 DFL Credentials Committee

Attending: Kat, Eric, Lou, Ora, Mike, Russ

This meeting consisted of cleanup and confirmation of the data entry done at our data party the previous Sunday. We split into teams to confirm that every delegate was on the delegate list for their precinct and had been signed in to the caucus or sent a proxy letter. A number of problems were noted, and Kat and Eric both took homework away from the meeting, committing to making phone calls to investigate a few issues.

No formal decisions can be made until after the redistricting announcement on 2/21, so notes were made on our lists and in the packets themselves.

Notes from 10am 2/11 SD64 DFL Credentials Committee

Attending: Kat, Eric, Ora, Stacy, Dan, Vince, Mike, Russ, John, Bruce, Al, Mary (very briefly)

Ora: 35% of Minnesota voters without computers. Concerned about issues that played out in Ward 3 last year.

Vince: Main mission is to get democrats elected in November.

Kat explains the timeline and what we can do. Before new district lines are drawn, we can investigate problems and clean lists. After lines are drawn we can vote on recommendations. At the convention our recommendations are accepted or not.

In addition, as we near the convention we will work closely with the arrangements committee to provide an efficient convention sign-in process. We will arrive early on 3/25, probably at 111am or so.

We will always take written notes, particularly due to the changes that may come because of redistricting. We will do our best to share our notes with districts who acquire some of our precincts.

The data party will be tomorrow, Sunday, 2/12, 1pm at SEIU. SEIU Healthcare Minnesota is at 345 Randolph Ave. Suite 100. Go to the intersection of Shepard Road and Randolph Ave. Follow Randolph off Shepard down towards the river. After passing the old power plant, turn left onto James Ave and then immediately turn right into the parking lot behind the sign that includes SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Drive to the end of the parking lot for SEIU Healthcare Minnesota.