Endorsements for School Board (no endorsement for Mayor)

The Saint Paul DFL held its City Convention yesterday, 6/17. Three school board candidates were endorsed: Jeanelle Foster, John Brodrick, and Marny Xiong. Although Melvin Carter led all five ballots for mayor by significant margins, he did not reach the 60% required for endorsement before the convention adjourned at 7pm. The final mayoral ballot had Melvin Carter at 55%, Dai Thao at 27% and 18% voting for No Endorsement. In earlier ballots Pat Harris had been eliminated with 23% and Tom Goldstein had been dropped with 7%. Thanks to everyone who arranged, ran, and participated in the convention. We clearly have a very interesting city election ahead of us.


Vote Now!

Why wait for the crowds on election day? Get in on the early voting action. ┬áMinnesota now has no excuse absentee voting, which means you can vote at any time between now and election day. It’s super easy, just visit this page.

Congratulations Dave and Erin!

Representative Erin Murphy, our DFL endorsed candidate in 64A, has been re-elected! Joining her in the next legislative session will be Dave Pinto, our DFL endorsed candidate in 64B. Congratulations to Erin, Dave, Betty, Al, and all the other victorious DFLers up and down the ballot today!

Thank you to everyone who knocked on doors, made phone calls, pounded in lawn signs, and helped in every other way imaginable. Democracy depends on dedicated volunteers like yourselves.

Early voting is now open!

As of today, early voting for the November general election is open! Thanks to Steve Simon and the DFL majority’s efforts to make all voices heard in Minnesota, you no longer need to give a reason to vote early. Information on absentee voting, including an application to receive an absentee ballot, can be found at the Secretary of State’s website. If you think there’s any chance you’ll have difficulty voting on election day, we encourage you to vote early so that you can have a say in who will govern Minnesota for the next 4 years.