Thank you for a great convention!

SD64 concluded its biannual district convention on March 7th. Our volunteers did a magnificent job of making Central High School an inviting venue for this event. Thank you to everyone on all our convention committees who did so much work to pull this off. Bravo!

Some of the results from our convention on March 7th. 557 delegates attended the caucus and sent 26 delegates on to the state convention. For every delegate to the state convention we sent two to the county convention. Here’s how our state delegates were allocated.


The convention had 69 (!) subcaucuses, so this is a simplified depiction of the results. Be gentle! Everyone had great patience with the subcaucusing process.

If you have any feedback you’d like to share about the convention, please add your comments to this post. Just click the headline and look at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Convention Committees First Meeting, 2/6

If you are on one of the convention planning committees, please join us this Saturday, 6 February, at 10am for your first meeting.

Rules and Credentials, will be at SEIU Healthcare Minnesota (345 Randolph Ave. Suite 100). To find this office, go to the intersection of Shepard Road and Randolph Ave. Follow Randolph Ave off Shepard Rd down towards the river. After you pass the old power plant, on your left with be a turn for James Ave and a building sign that includes SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Turn left, but then immediately turn right into the parking lot behind the sign. Drive straight down to the end of the parking lot for SEIU Healthcare Minnesota.

Resolutions, Arrangements, and the Nominations will be at Macalester College (1600 Grand Ave. Old Main Hall). Old Main is at the heart of the Macalester Campus, our committees will be meeting in Rooms 001, 002, and 003 on the ground floor.