Executive Committee

The Executive Committee plans the activities of the DFL for SD64. It includes the officers of SD64, the 14 Directors below, and anyone who serves on the Executive Committee of a higher level of the DFL organization.

The Executive Committee meets every other month alternating with the Central Committee, but in practice this turns into a joint monthly meeting of both committees since we welcome everyone to join us for all SD64 meetings.

Our Directors were elected at the SD64 convention on 3 April 2016.


  • Mary Austin
  • Julie Schultz Brown
  • Jill Curran
  • Collin Dobie
  • Quinn Doheny
  • Kristofer Fresno
  • Sonja Larson
  • Howard Linsk
  • Larry Reeves
  • Cailin Rogers
  • Matthew Ryg
  • Andrea Sachs
  • Brandon Shelton
  • Joan Wittman


  • Demian Moore
  • Jacquie Perkins