Caucus 2010

Precinct caucuses will be on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. Senate District 64 will have caucuses in four locations. Make sure you know what precinct you are in, and you should be able to find your caucus on the list below.


Precinct Caucuses February 2, 2010
Registration and Preference Balloting start at 6:30pm
Call to Order 7:00pm


Precinct Room

Central High School

275 N. Lexington Ave.
W-1 P-01 Room 317
W-1 P-02 Room 318
W-1 P-07 Room 324
W-1 P-13 Room 326
W-2 P-01 Auditorium
W-2 P-02 Cafe
W-2 P-04 Choir Room (392)

Macalester College

1600 Grand Avenue
W-3 P-07 Kagin Commons

Ramsey Junior High

1700 Summit Ave.
W-3 P-13 New Gym (108)
W-3 P-14 Music Room (103)
W-4 P-04 Old Gym (North Side)
W-4 P-05 Band Room (104)
W-4 P-06 Old Gym (South Side)
W-4 P-09 Library (105)
W-4 P-10 Cafeteria (106)

Highland Junior/Senior High

975 S. Snelling Ave.
W-3 P-01 Sr High Auditorium
W-3 P-02 Sr High Gymnasium
W-3 P-03 Jr High Cafeteria
W-3 P-04 Sr High: Choir Rm 1329
W-3 P-05 Jr High: Rm 1314 (166)
W-3 P-06 Jr High: Rm 1306 (107)
W-3 P-08 Jr High: Rm 1215 (104)
W-3 P-09 Jr High: Rm 1208 (101)
W-3 P-10 Jr High: Rm 1214 (103)
W-3 P-11 Jr High: Rm 1323 (114)
W-3 P-12 Jr High: Rm 1305 (108)
W-3 P-15 Jr High: Rm 1301 (110)
W-3 P-16 Sr High: Band Rm 1328
W-4 P-07 Jr High Auditorium

What to expect

If all you want to do is vote in the non-binding preference ballot for governor, that’s easy. Just come in, register, fill in the ballot, and hand it in. That’s it! You can do this any time between 6:30 and 8pm, but the earlier the better in case it gets crowded.


If you have attended a caucus in your precinct in the past few years, you should get a reminder card in the mail. Please bring this card with you. This year you can register by bringing the reminder card to the meeting and signing it in front of one of our volunteers at the caucus. This should speed up registration significantly, so remember to bring your card! (If you forget, or do not receive a card, you can still register at the caucus location).

The Preference Ballot

The Secretary of State is conducting a statewide preference poll for the gubernatorial candidates. If all you want to do is vote in the non-binding preferential ballot for governor, that’s easy. Just come in, register, fill in the ballot, and hand it in. That’s it! You can do this any time between 6:30 and 8pm, but the earlier the better in case it gets crowded.

Not all gubernatorial candidates will be on the preference ballot. Candidates had the choice of whether to be included in the ballot. You can find a complete list of the candidates on the preference ballot here. (link to another page). You can select uncommitted on your preference ballot, but you can not write in any candidates. Write-in ballots will not be counted.

Business Meeting

We would love to have your help organizing DFLers for this years county and statewide races. If you want to be a precinct chair, a delegate to the senate district convention or beyond, or a convention committee volunteer, please stay for the business of the precinct caucus, which will convene at 7pm.

If you have a resolution you would like your caucus to consider, please prepare it ahead of time. It must be brought to the caucus on the official state DFL resolution form. You may attach other prepared text to the form. If time allows, you may be able to read the action item of your resolution (skipping all the “whereas” clauses) and have it voted on by your neighbors. Even if time does not allow for reading all the resolutions, you will have a chance to pass the resolution from your caucus up to the senate district convention’s resolutions committee. You could even run to be a part of the resolutions committee!

At 8pm the preference balloting for governor will end and the votes from your caucus will be tallied. If you stick around to the end, you’ll know who your neighbors prefer for governor.

What if you can’t be there?

If you cannot be at the caucus, or can only stop by briefly to vote in the preference ballot, you can still participate by filling out the nomination letter form (a “proxy”). Make sure to sign your letter!

If you can’t attend you can still:

  • Run to be a delegate or alternate at the Senate District Convention on March 7
  • Sign up as a representative from your caucus to the convention committees (link to the committees)
  • Run for chair or associate chair of your precinct

Unfortunately, you will not be able to vote in the gubernatorial preference ballot if you can not personally attend to pick up the ballot.

After you download the proxy form, you can give to a neighbor in your precinct and they can bring it to the caucus. You can also mail it to SD64 Chair Elizabeth Wefel, 977 Goodrich Avenue # 4, St. Paul, MN 55105.


If you are interested in helping out during caucuses, please see our volunteer page. Thanks!


The convenor and co-convenor are critical roles at the precinct caucuses. Be sure to help your convenor make your caucus a smooth and enjoyable evening. If you have volunteered to be a convenor or co-convenor, please check out the resources on our convenor page.


We love having candidates at our caucuses, so please join us. But we do want you to know about the rules we have governing candidate activity at caucuses. Please review this information for campaigns. Thanks!

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