Doorknock for Varro, 10/24

The Republican strategy for this year’s city election is now clear. They have decided to focus state and city Republican money to defeat Vallay Moua Varro, the DFL and teacher endorsed candidate in the special election for school board.

The state party has funded a mailer that goes after Vallay. Instead of fielding a qualified candidate, the Republicans have opted to run a negative campaign.

Vallay Varro needs to respond to their attacks and needs your help to do it.

You can help in three ways.

  1. Please contribute to Vallay’s campaign. We need to raise enough money to reach voters and remind them that Vallay is the most qualified candidate.
  2. Volunteer this coming weekend for our final lit drop.

    Saturday and Sunday, October 24th & 25th
    9am to 1pm

    1028 Oak Bluff Circle, Saint Paul (Vallay’s house)
    Contact info@vallayvarro.com for more information

  3. Vote for Vallay Moua Varro on Tuesday November 3rd and bring your friends.

We need Vallay Varro on the school Board. She will bring to the board a wealth of real world experience in education.

We can’t let the Republican attack machine defeat this great candidate for School Board. Our kids and our future can’t afford it.