Report from the Resolutions Committee

Thank you to everyone on the Resolutions Committee who helped type and edit the over 500 resolutions we received from our 30 precincts here in Senate District 64. The Resolutions Report Worksheet is complete and ready for your review.

Delegates and Upgraded Alternates (alternates who have not been upgraded do not get to vote on resolutions): You will receive a printed Report Worksheet and Ballot at the convention. When voting, you should vote for all you agree with. Anything other than a “Yes” vote is a “No” vote. Use your official ballot. Only resolutions receiving votes of over 60% of all ballots cast become eligible for passage to the State DFL Platform Committee. SD64 may forward 56 resolutions to the State DFL, so the highest vote-getters will be a part of the 56.

Please note: the unfortunate situation of lost resolutions hardly ever rears its head, but we believe several Party Affairs resolutions are lost this year. Please check this Report for your Party Affairs resolution, and see us at the Resolutions desk during the convention (before 1:30) if you believe yours is missing, and we’ll help you prepare a petition resolution.

Get your answers to frequently asked questions about resolutions on the resolutions page.

Thanks everybody, and if you have additional questions, email

Sharon Sudman and Mike Schoenberg
Resolutions Committee co-chairs