Don’t forget to Caucus next Tuesday! Caucuses are on 2/4

Precinct caucuses are Tuesday, February 4! This is a great opportunity to get involved, as caucus-goers will be called on to vote on resolutions for change and elect delegates to our district-wide convention. It’s also a good opportunity to meet neighbors who you never knew were politically active. If you’ve been caucusing for decades, you won’t want to miss this one; if you’ve never caucused before, this is a great year to start. We’re counting on your energy in your precincts to carry us through our district convention in March, and to a DFL majority in November.

We have a wealth of information on our caucus page, including information on where to go for your own caucus. If you don’t know your precinct, you can look it up here. And if you live on the 64B side and you’re not sure who’s running, be sure to check listen to the audio from last night’s candidate forum, available at The Race for 64B, courtesy of Tim Nelson.