Thank you for supporting the SD64 DFL!

Our January Fundraiser was a smashing success! We had great food from Mancini’s, great speeches from too many people to name*, and great turnout from all of you!

Thank you to everyone who came out in the snow, but a special thank you to our co-hosts:

Platinum Co-Hosts
Cristine Almeida & Brian Gorecki
Rolf Westgard
Paul Cassidy
Grania McKiernan
Carole Faricy

Sharon Sudman
Dough Carnival
Eric & Greta Bergstrom
Gloria Zaiger
Dave Pinto
Matt Freeman
Beth Fraser
Melanie McMahon
Matt Bergeron
Philip Stoyke
Eric Celeste
Tim Flaherty
Marcia Avner & Wy Spano
Beth & Jon Commers
Rich Ginsberg
Lyn Burton
Bill Struszinski
Thomas & Marlene Kayser
Ken Iosso
Rafael E. Ortega
Kevin Walli
Kelsey Johnson
John Kavanaugh
Barbara Frey & Howard Orenstein
Brian Bergson
Elizabeth Emerson
John Knapp
Patti Cullen
John Curry
Bill Black
Toby Pearson
Ted Davis

*Just kidding! We heard from Mayor Chris Coleman, all the 64B candidates (Matthew Bergeron, Beth Fraser, Gloria Zaiger, Matt Freeman, Melanie McMahon, Greta Bergstrom, and Dave Pinto), Secretary of State candidate Steve Simon, Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega, and the always inspring Erin Murphy, Dick Cohen, and Michael Paymar.

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