Michael Paymar Not Running for 64B

By now you’ve heard by now that Rep. Paymar has decided not to run for reelection. He’s been an important force at the capitol on a range of public safety and other issues. SD64 is lucky to have had his service all this years. With Michael stepping down that means we will have a contested endorsing convention for the 64B seat. (If you want to be technical, we could also have one for 64A if someone challenged Erin Murphy but that does not seem likely). 
A couple of things for you to know and act on: 

  • The 64 Convention will be in March.  We hope to have the date finalized by Monday. 
  • Caucuses will be on Tuesday February 4. Caucus for 64A will be at Central High School (except 3-7 which will be at Macalester) and Caucus for 64B will be at Highland Junior High.
  • SD64 DFL is planning to make the caucus and convention process as transparent and fair to all comers as possible. We’ve been complimented for years on well-run conventions, but we’re not sitting on our laurels – we’re stepping up our game.
  • As SD64 DFL Chair, Liz Wefel is remaining neutral in this race and committed to a transparent operation for everyone. Thus, if you or someone you know is planning to run please have them contact Liz (651-492-3998). The Highland Villager has asked her for the names of those running, so she will be sharing that with them on Sunday.