Communications Committee, Saturday 5/24

We need to get the communications committee of the SD64 DFL rolling. If you are interested in helping out, please join us for our first meeting on Saturday. Eric Celeste is calling this first meeting together to see if we can get some ideas on the table and begin to plan out communications activities. For one thing, we have a revised SD64 website and he can show you all how to edit it and make sure you have accounts and passwords. For another, we have produced two one-page newsletters and we should critique the format and develop some article ideas. Your ideas are welcome!

Please join Eric this Saturday (5/24) afternoon at his house, 1993 Lincoln Avenue, for this initial communications group meeting. There will be some nibbles and lemonade. The meeting will last no more than 90 minutes. Please RSVP to so he has an idea who to expect. Also let Eric know if you actually are interested in further communications committee participation whether or not the Saturday 3pm meeting works for you.

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  1. Hi everyone, here are some draft notes from our meeting. …Eric

    These are notes from the 5/24 meeting of the SD64 Communications Committee. Mike Lewis and Joel Clemmer joined Alex and Eric Celeste for this inaugural meeting of the Communications Committee.

    We focussed on two basic communications vehicles: newsletter and web.


    We will continue to produce a one-page newsletter on a monthly basis. Joel will develop content for the “main article” each month, Joel and Mike will be on the lookout for pictures, Eric will throw it into the existing template a few days before the executive committee meeting each month. Eric may call on Joel to build a new template, but for now it does not take much effort to toss it into the existing template.


    Alex, Mike, and Joel will register on the WordPress blog that now lies behind our SD64 homepage and Eric will authorize them to add articles to the site. Eric also shared the wiki password with them so they can help maintain the less dynamic areas of the site. We decided that it would be good to limit authoring on the blog side to a small group (half a dozen or so?) so that we have some control over the content. However, the wiki side can be more accessible to multiple authors, in particular to precinct leaders who would like to manage a page of their own.

    Eric also pointed out that the images used in the header of the website could be rotated, and welcomed Joel and Mike (and anyone else) to send their own photographs of the neighborhood to him for inclusion in the rotation. Eric will post a page about picture dimensions to the site.

    Next meeting:

    Oops. We forgot to set a date for a next meeting. If any of you have a suggestion, please let me know. I’m inclined to try for another Saturday afternoon, maybe 6/28?

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