Campaign Rules for SD64 DFL 2012 Convention

The Convention will take place at 12:30 on Sunday March 25 in the Central High School gymnasium, we invite campaign staff to arrive at 11:30am so that you may prepare. Candidates may also set up early on Saturday the 24th between 1 and 2pm.

Those running for office within Senate District/House District 64 will have 5 minutes to address the convention. All other incumbent DFL office holders, declared DFL candidates for public office, party dignitaries, and speakers on state ballot issues may speak at the discretion of the Convention Chair for one minute.

Any candidate or issue campaign may purchase a table for $30 and/or a room for $75.

Signs may be posted in two places only: your campaign’s specified section behind the stage and behind the campaign’s table (if purchased). You must bring your own blue tape to post signs. No stickers are allowed, though literature may be handed out from your table to willing recipients. Everything a candidate puts up must be taken down at the end of the convention; for each sign found, the candidate’s campaign will be charged $50.

From the convention rules:

12. The Arrangements Committee shall designate an equal portion of wall space behind the stage assigned by lot for the exclusive use of each campaign for DFL endorsement that requests such space from the Arrangements Committee. Campaigns may also post signs on their tables and in their hospitality rooms. These are the only places signs may be posted indoors. No stickers shall be worn, distributed, or posted. Campaign literature may only be placed on candidate tables or given directly to willing delegates. No moving demonstrations are permitted during balloting. There shall be no disruptive demonstrations in the galleries. Each delegation will be responsible for collecting materials and garbage. Whistles, air horns, bull horns, and strobe lights or other similar devices will not be allowed during the convention in the convention hall.
14. Except as noted in Rules 21 and 23, incumbent DFL office holders, declared DFL candidates for public office, other party dignitaries, and speakers on state ballot issues may address the convention at the discretion of the Convention Chair. Such visitors will be requested to limit their remarks to no more than one minute.
21. and 23. give House and Senate District 64 candidates 5 mins.

Please direct any questions to campaign liaison Molly Quinlan.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

Molly Quinlan
Robert Hemphill
SD64 DFL 2012 Convention Arrangements Committee