SD64 Website Style Guide

SD64 is always written without a space.

SD64 DFL is always written as two words.

Use only one space. Never put two spaces in a row for any reason. Not even between sentences. If you need more than one space, then you are probably trying to do something that can be accomplished in some other way, ask around.

All links, yes all links, should always open to the same window. Never use the “Open link in a new window/tab” feature or “target=’_blank'” even if you really really want to.

Take care when pasting. Never paste content from Word or any other editor directly into the “Visual” mode of WordPress. If you copied your text from Word, then first click on the “paste from Word” button in the second row of buttons above the editor (it is the clipboard with a “W” on it). Then paste your text in that window and insert it into your post from there. Word and many other editors leave a lot of very ugly HTML attached to their copied text, this procedure helps erase that. Restyle the text in WordPress.

Try to use only bold, italic, and bulleted lists in your posts. If you need anything fancier than this, then rethink the content. If you really really think you need something extra, then be as conservative as you can be. The problem is that the stories you create here will be used in many platforms besides WordPress, what you create may look OK here at totally awful in another setting. Stick to the basics.

Use lowercase “am” and “pm” with times, and skip the spaces. For example: 6:30pm, 4-7pm, 9am-Noon, 1:30-4pm, etc.

Use month-date with no abbreviation or dressing on the numbers. For example, May 11, April 30, June 21. When abbreviating, use numerical month date with a slash, for example: 5/11, 4/30, 6/21. Try to include the date when you can, since many people remember days more than dates: Thursday 5/11, Monday April 30, Wednesday June 21.

In a post title, try to put the abbreviated date of the event at the end of the title, for example: Central Committee Meeting 5/21.

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