Early voting is now open!

As of today, early voting for the November general election is open! Thanks to Steve Simon and the DFL majority’s efforts to make all voices heard in Minnesota, you no longer need to give a reason to vote early. Information on absentee voting, including an application to receive an absentee ballot, can be found at the Secretary of State’s website. If you think there’s any chance you’ll have difficulty voting on election day, we encourage you to vote early so that you can have a say in who will govern Minnesota for the next 4 years.

Help lead the DFL!

The DFL is looking for individuals to help lead and energize our state party organization as members of the State Central; Party Affairs and Coordinated Campaign; Platform, Issues and Legislative Affairs; Constitution, Bylaws and Rules; and Budget committees.

Applications must be submitted by July 25. For questions about the application process email nominations@dfl.org or go to http://www.dfl.org/nominations.

Early voting for the primary is open

Have you voted in the August 12 Primary yet? What do you mean it’s only June? Thanks to the DFL majority, you can now request an absentee ballot and vote early! No excuse early voting for the primary opened on June 27, and you can still request an absentee ballot on the Secretary of State’s website. You don’t need to give any reason for absentee voting, you can do it just because it’s more convenient for you. You can get more information on early voting on the DFL’s website.

If you get done casting your primary ballot, and you decide you want to vote early again, you’re in luck! Mark September 19 on your calendar, that’s when early voting for the general election starts.

SD64 DFL June Fundraiser

Join us at the home of Bill Struskinski & Kirsten Libby (11 Crocus Hill, St. Paul) for our June SD64 DFL Fundraiser.  The fundraiser is on June 18 from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Watch your mailboxes with a postcard on more information.  If you have any questions you can contact Adam at bling@sd64dfl.org or our main email, info@sd64dfl.org.  See you then!

Saint Paul City Caucus & Ward Conventions – Tuesday, April 16 7:00 pm

St. Paul’s Caucus & Ward Conventions are next Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 pm! To see which Ward you belong to check out the Polling Place Finder through the Secretary of State (http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/). Here is the information on each Ward:

Ward 1 – Capitol Hill Magnet School – 560 Concordia Ave
(Ward 1 will elect 71 City Delegates and 71 up to 71 Alternates)

Ward 2 – Humboldt High School – 30 East Baker Street
(Ward 2 will elect 78 City Delegates and up to 78 Alternates)

Ward 3 – Highland Park Junior High – 975 South Snelling Ave
(Ward 3 will elect 93 City Delegates and up to 93 Alternates)

Ward 4 – Hancock Elementary – Snelling and Englewood
(Ward 4 will Elect 86 City Delegates and up to 86 Alternates)

Ward 5 – Como Park High School – 740 Rose Avenue West
(Ward 5 will elect 58 City Delegates and up to 58 Alternates)

Ward 6 – Johnson High School – 1349 Arcade Street
(Ward 6 will elect 55 City Delegates and to 55 Alternates)

Ward 7 – Harding High School – 1540 East 6th Street
(Ward 7 will elect 59 City Delegates and up to 59 Alternates)

To see how you can help out at your Caucus & Ward Convention see the Ward Coordinator Contact List through the Saint Paul City DFL :http://stpauldfl.wordpress.com/ward-coordinator-contact-list/

Now is the time to get involved in City politics! Like Beth Commers said at our meeting, city issues effect your life every day – get involved!! See you all next Tuesday!