SD64 stands for “Senate District 64,” which is represented in the Senate by Dick Cohen. Our state Senate district consists of two state House districts, 64A represented by Erin Murphy and 64B represented by Michael Paymar. SD64 includes 30 precincts. All of Saint Paul’s Ward 3 (Chris Tolbert), and parts of Ward 1 (Dai Thao), Ward 2 (Rebecca Noecker), and Ward 4 (Mitra Jalali). To find out which precinct you live in, try the Secretary of State’s Polling Place Finder.

Our 30 precincts are:

Ward 1

64A W-1 P-1
64A W-1 P-7
64A W-1 P-13

Ward 2

64A W-2 P-1
64A W-2 P-2
64A W-2 P-4
64B W-2 P-6

Ward 3

64B W-3 P-1
64B W-3 P-2
64B W-3 P-3
64B W-3 P-4
64B W-3 P-5
64B W-3 P-6
64A W-3 P-7
64B W-3 P-8
64B W-3 P-9
64B W-3 P-10
64B W-3 P-11
64A W-3 P-12
64B W-3 P-13
64B W-3 P-14

Ward 4

64A W-4 P-1
64A W-4 P-3
64A W-4 P-4
64A W-4 P-5
64A W-4 P-6
64B W-4 P-7
64A W-4 P-8
64A W-4 P-9
64A W-4 P-10

Maps of these precincts can be found at the Ramsey County Elections website.

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