DFL Caucus Postcard Project

During the even year cycles Senate District 64 sends blue postcards to likely caucus attendees to remind them to get to the caucus. We invite other Senate Districts and County Units of the Minnesota DFL to join us in this mailing. We coordinate with the DFL to produce a list of the likely caucus attendees in your district, you just cover the printing and mailing cost of the cards through a donation to the Minnesota DFL. With many districts participating, the costs go down for all.

We would like to thank Vicki Wright and Corey Day for allowing the Minnesota DFL to provide data and mailing assistance for this project again in 2016. Any district interested in participating should fill out the information in the form below before Friday, 8 January 2016. Eric Celeste, the coordinator of the postcard project, will make sure you get in on this very helpful mailing.

To give you an idea of the costs involved, in 2014 the printing and mailing cost 20 cents per card. Participants ranged from SD48 which mailed 7,900 cards to SD36 which mailed 240. Districts of every size are welcome to join in. Once the exact universe of addresses for your district is identified, you will have an option to see the actual cost and change your mind before the final mailing goes out.

You can also look at this example of the card to be mailed. This draft is still being vetted by the state DFL, so details of the card may change.

Are you interested? Please sign up below before Friday, 8 January 2016!

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