A lot of people help SD64 DFL do its work to elect Democrats, but you are the most critical person. Please make sure you volunteer to do your part!

SD64 DFL has a few layers of bureaucracy, after all, we are a political party! Our officers and Executive Committee are elected at our biannual convention. Our Central Committee is made up of these folks plus the Precinct Chairs we elect at precinct caucuses every other year.

But we don’t get hung up on titles. If you want to help out, please join us for our (nearly) monthly Central Committee meetings whether you have a title or not. Everyone is welcome, the meetings only last an hour, and usually some of those attending even retire to the Groveland Tap to enjoy each other’s company. Join us on the second Wednesday of most months at 7pm in Olin-Rice Hall, room 150, on the Macalester campus. Check our calendar to be sure.

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