About Senate District 64 DFL

Welcome to Senate District 64. We are the local branch of the DFL. Senate District 64 is at the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota, covering much of the western side of Saint Paul.

We are a remarkably liberal area, typically voting very Democratic in most elections. But this isn’t magical, it is partly due to the hard work of organizers and volunteers like you. Through our “flying squad” outreach efforts, we take the energy of our district and use it to supercharge and support surrounding districts in building a stronger DFL base. This has helped us build strong relationships, respect, and loyalty with DFLers from across the region, with the goal of ensuring DFL majorities in the Minnesota capitol.

If you are new to Minnesota you may wonder where the Democratic Party went. Here we call ourselves the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and the DFL has a wonderful rich history if you care to dig into it.

The Minnesota election cycle runs different kinds of races in different years. On even years is when SD64 DFL gets busy because those are the years when we have statewide and federal elections. On odd years cities and towns hold there elections in Minnesota. SD64 means “senate district 64” and represents a state senate district, so most of our business comes during that even year of the cycle.

Here are some of the other DFL party units that cover all or part of SD64’s area…

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