Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is a pre-convention committee of SD64 DFL. This committee compiles all the resolutions adopted at the precinct caucuses and administers the voting at the SD64 convention.

Resolutions is being co-chaired by:

Sharon Sudman and Mike Schoenberg

Resolutions Committee Updates

Resolutions Committee Final Report

Thank you to everyone on the Resolutions Committee who helped type and edit the over 500 resolutions we received from our 30 precincts here in Senate District 64. The Resolutions Committee Final Report is complete and ready for your review (PDF).

Instructions to Delegates and Upgraded Alternates

Note that only Delegates and Upgraded Alternates may vote for resolutions. Alternates who have not been upgraded will not be able to vote on resolutions.

You will receive a printed Report Worksheet and Ballot at the convention. When voting, you should vote for all you agree with. Anything other than a “Yes” vote is a “No” vote. Use your official ballot. Only resolutions receiving votes of over 60% of all ballots cast become eligible for passage to the State DFL Platform Committee. SD64 may forward 56 resolutions to the State DFL, so the highest vote-getters will be a part of the 56.

Please note: the unfortunate situation of lost resolutions hardly ever rears its head, but we believe several Party Affairs resolutions are lost this year. Please check this Report for your Party Affairs resolution, and see us at the Resolutions desk during the convention (before 1:30) if you believe yours is missing, and we’ll help you prepare a petition resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Report?

This is a list of all resolution ballot questions, for your review. You will receive your bubble ballot with spaces for voting at the convention.

Where do I get my ballot?

After you receive your Delegate or Upgraded Alternate credentials from the Registration desk, proceed to the Resolutions desk and get your ballot. One badge, one ballot.

When do I mark my ballot?

There is no set time to vote. You need to vote while other convention business is proceeding, and hand it in by the deadline.

Where do I hand in my ballot?

The Resolutions desk will be moved inside the gym “convention floor” during the convention. A ballot box is there in which to put your ballot.

What if I can’t mark my ballot by the deadline?

All ballots are due during the convention at the time stated in the Rules you receive at Registration, no exceptions.

What if I have a visual impairment?

Please let us know ahead of time of any accommodation you need at We will have a large-print worksheet available at the Resolutions desk, and someone will be there if you need something read to you.

Can I just mark up this Report and hand it in?

No, worksheets will not be accepted. Ballots are specially configured for counting; worksheets are not. Feel free to mark up this worksheet so as to assist you in marking your ballot faster.

Why should I vote for all I agree with instead of just those I’m interested in?

Resolutions must receive a 60% affirmative vote. This means 60% of all ballots turned in (not registered delegates). A Yes vote is a yes vote, all other votes including blanks are considered No votes. So it is in everyone’s best interest to vote for all resolutions they agree with. We emphasize this, because in recent years, special interest groups have advised to “just vote for ours” but this guarantees failure to most, because the 60% threshold is unlikely to be met for all but a few. This also helps reflect the will of the district, in that if many more than 56 resolutions get a 60% affirmative vote, then those with the most votes are the clear-cut winners and get passed on.

Should I turn in my ballot if I can’t find time to vote?

Absolutely not. Turning in a blank ballot is very destructive and disrespects those who are finding the time to vote. Blank ballots count as No votes, which impedes passage of resolutions.

How will I find out the results of this ballot?

While we hope the results can be completed at the convention, it is unlikely that a ballot this large can be counted by the end of the session. We should have complete results a couple of days after the convention and posted on this page. Results are due to the Minnesota DFL Platform Committee by ten days after the convention.

What happens to the resolutions?

Our district is allowed to adopt and forward up to 56 resolutions to the Minnesota DFL Platform Committee. They will combine and edit from the 121 districts in Minnesota, form a “Report” to the State convention this June, where a ballot similar to this one is voted on. Up to 100 resolutions receiving over 60% affirmative vote get adopted and go into the Minnesota DFL Platform.

What do I do if I don’t see my resolution?

  • Your resolution may already be contained in the DFL Ongoing (Permanent) Platform, and was eliminated from consideration in our district because it already exists at the State Platform level. See us at the Resolutions desk.
  • Your resolution may have been moved to a more appropriate section; please check any applicable section.
  • Your resolution may have been combined with other resolutions so as to make passage more likely, so check similar resolutions. Every effort was made to preserve the original intent. (Several resolutions on one topic almost guarantees that they won’t pass, as many people only vote for one resolution per topic, so combining is necessary to facilitate passage).
  • If you really believe your resolution is missing, visit us at the Resolutions desk early in the convention (by 1:30 pm) and we will help you create a petition resolution.

Why were resolutions combined or edited?

We received over 500 resolutions. Resolutions on some topics were standardized, but many were not, and some were edited in caucuses even though they were originally standardized from some organization, causing many variations even with similar resolutions. A ballot of this type must be under 150 resolutions because:

  • Only 56 resolutions can pass from our district to the State DFL Platform Committee, so it is in our district’s interest to have a concise ballot reflecting our concerns.
  • It is physically impossible for delegates to vote for over 150 resolutions before the convention deadline.
  • Many resolutions were not well-formed or were many times too long for a ballot.
  • Several resolutions on one topic almost guarantees that they won’t pass, as many people only vote for one resolution per topic, so combining is necessary to facilitate passage.
  • The Resolutions committee has broad constitutional authority to use discretion in assessing the concerns stated by the resolutions handed in from caucuses, and to form a concise ballot from them.

Thank you!

Thanks everybody, and if you have additional questions, email

Sharon Sudman and Mike Schoenberg
Resolutions Committee co-chairs