Arrangements Committee

The Arrangements Committee is a pre-convention committee of SD64 DFL. This committee organizes the logistics and helps run things the day of the convention.

Arrangements is being convened by:

Sharon Sudman and Chris Haas

Arrangements Committee Updates


Running a convention takes a lot of work – and we are all volunteers. So, we could really use your help to make our convention run smoothly. Contact our arrangements committee at to volunteer for any of these convention-day opportunities:

  • Door greeters needed for 45-minute shifts between 1pm and 2:30pm;
  • Volunteers available for the duration of the convention to help with various tasks;
  • Sergeant-at-Arms, to be nominated at the convention;
  • Clean-up volunteers to assist building maintenance in putting away chairs and close down after the convention.

We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know to answer questions confidently from convention attendees!

Your help will be greatly appreciated!


Table or room requests for the convention must be made to by 3/9/18. Tables are $30 and rooms are $120. Payment must be received by 3/23/18.

Registration for tables and rooms is now closed. See Sharon Sudman at 12:30 sharp at the door to the gym if your candidate campaign wishes to be in the drawing for signage wall space within the auditorium.


Please see the proposed rules for rules that apply to campaigns.

Campaigns may enter the building at 12:30.

Please enter at doors 13, 8, or 2.

Campaigns must finish hanging signs in the gym by 1:20 pm – no later! The Ramsey County Convention is from 1:30 -2:00 in the same space.

A campaign may have up to 3 campaign floor passes, see Eric Celeste at credentials for these.

Signs and Stickers

  1. Campaigns will be allowed to post signs on a spot behind the stage.

a. Each campaign is allotted four (4) feet of space from the floor to as high as you can reach. You are welcome to bring a ladder to access more height.

b. Each 4 ft. section will be allocated by lot.

c. See Sharon Sudman (orange vest and close to the entrance to the gym to draw your number.

d. Painter’s tape is the only adhesive allowed to put up signs. Bring your own – We won’t have any!

  1. Campaigns may post signs on their table and/or in their hospitality room.

  2. Signs may not be posted anywhere else inside the building.

  3. No stickers shall be worn, distributed, or posted.


  1. Campaign literature may only be placed on candidate tables or given directly to willing delegates. In other words, your campaign may not place literature on people’s seats – per Rules Committee.

  2. Each delegation will be responsible for collecting and disposing of all materials (signs and literature) and trash.

Speeches and demonstrations

  1. Each declared candidate will address the convention at the discretion of the Convention Chair and will limit their remarks to two (2) minutes. Please let the Convention Chair know you are ready to speak.

  2. No moving demonstrations are permitted during balloting.

  3. No disruptive demonstrations in the galleries.

  4. Whistles, air horns, bull horns, and strobe lights or other similar devices will not be allowed during the convention in the convention hall.

Each campaign is responsible for cleaning up before leaving the building – signs, trash, etc. Thanks for helping with this!

There will be a snack bar with food and drink.

Let us know if you have questions!

Many thanks,

Benita Webber
SD64 DFL Campaign Liaison

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