Convention 2014

Sunday, March 23, Central High School

Our SD64 DFL Convention will be held on Sunday, 23 March 2014 at Central High School, 275 Lexington Parkway North. If you have been elected a Delegate or Alternate to the convention at your precinct caucus, please join us for the afternoon.

Registration opens at 10:30am, the Convention begins at 11:00am. Allow time for parking and carpool or use transit if you can. You are also welcome to take a peek at our convention handout (rules and constitution) and resolutions handout before you arrive.

Note that some early material about our convention had a later starting time. The correct starting time for the SD64 DFL Convention is 11:00am on March 23.

If you have any questions about convention procedure, see if we’ve answered them on our convention frequently asked questions page. If you want to learn more about the candidates, check out the links on our Candidates page.

If you need special accommodations (interpreter, seating, parking etc.), contact Sara Ford. She can be reached by email at, or by phone at (651)two four seven-4196.

The Rules Committee has approved the Rules and Proposed Agenda for the convention. The Proposed Agenda can also be found below.

Proposed Agenda

March 23, 2014 – Central High School

  1. Call to Order by the Senate District 64 Chair (time certain at 11AM)
  2. Flag ceremony
  3. Reading of Affirmative Action Statement
  4. Credentials Committee First Report – Resolution of any credentials challenges
  5. Election of Convention Chair(s)
  6. Rules/Constitution Committee Report
    1. Adoption of Rules and Agenda
    2. Adoption of Revised Senate District 64 Constitution
  7. Resolutions Committee First Report
    1. Reading of the Platform Resolutions Statement
    2. Explanation of Voting Process
  8. Senate District Officer reports, if any
  9. Nominations Committee Report – Election of Party Officers
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Outreach Officer
    4. Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Fundraising Chair
    7. 17 Directors /7 Alternates
  10. Nominations Committee Report – DFL State Central Committee (SCC):
    1. 7 DFL SCC Delegates/ 7 DFL SCC Alternates
    2. 2 DFL SCC Alternates for SD 64 DFL Chair and Vice Chair (who are ex officio Delegates)
  11. Nominations Committee Report – 4th CD DFL
    1. 2 – 4th CD DFL Executive Committee Members/ 2 Alternates
    2. 13 – 4th CD DFL Central Committee Delegates/ 13 Alternates
  12. Nominations Committee Report – Ratification of Senate District Central Committee members
  13. Endorsement of Candidate for HD 64A
  14. Resolutions Committee Second Report
  15. Credentials Committee Second Report
  16. Election of 26 DFL State Convention Delegates and 26 State Alternates /52 – 4th CD & Ramsey County Convention Delegates. (State Alternates serve as 4th CD & Ramsey County Delegates, no Alternates are elected to this Convention)
  17. State Convention Delegation Elections
    1. State DFL Convention Delegation Co-Chairs
    2. 4th CD/ Ramsey County Rules Pre-Convention Committee – 2 Members/2 Alternates
    3. 4th CD/ Ramsey County Credentials Pre-Convention Committee – 2 Members/2 Alternates
    4. 4th CD/ Ramsey County Arrangements Pre-Convention Committee – 2 Members/2 Alternates
    5. 4th CD/ Ramsey County Nominations Pre-Convention Committee – 2 Members/2 Alternates
    6. 4th CD/ Ramsey County Resolutions Pre-Convention Committee – 2 Members/2 Alternates
  18. Endorsement of Candidate for HD 64B
    1. Nominations
    2. Question and Answer
    3. Balloting
  19. Other Business
  20. Adjournment

Pre-Convention Committees

These committees do the behind the scenes work before and at the convention.

  • Arrangements. This committee organizes the logistics and helps run things the day of the convention.
  • Credentials. This committee enters the data from the caucuses, prepares the list of eligible delegates, and hands out voting credentials at the conventions.
  • Nominations. This committee screens candidates who are running for SD64 DFL office and proposes a slate of candidates for the convention.
  • Resolutions. This committee compiles all the resolutions adopted at the precinct caucuses and administers the voting at the SD64 convention.
  • Rules & Constitution. This committee decides the rules that govern the SD64 convention and reviews and proposes revisions to the constitution of SD64.
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