Caucus Volunteer Opportunities

Please email us at if you are ready to volunteer to help with our precinct caucuses. Here’s what we need…

Warning: this page contains information written for the 2012 caucuses that has not yet been reviewed by the 2014 caucus team. You may use it to get a sense of what will be done this year, but be aware that revisions may yet be made to the information on this page.

Convenors and Co-Convenors

Lead or Assist with leading your Precinct Caucus. You must attend training in January and show up by 6:15 Caucus night. If you’re available, please let us know your precinct number. (If we already have someone assigned for your precinct, please don’t be offended if we ask you to be a co-convenor.)

Site Teams

Day-of-Event Volunteers (caucus day only commitment, must arrive early for briefing & to help set up location)

Door Greeters

One (or two) person(s) at the two main entrances. You will have simple handouts with room assignments on one side and how to get involved instructions on backside. You will perform “Triage” directing people either (1) to their rooms or (2) to the main “HELP ME” table for more in-depth questions

Precinct Finders

Armed with “Precinct Finders,” you will help people who are not sure where they need to go, identify their precinct and locate the room.

Help Desk

Central location at each site (except 3-7). Answer general questions and get people pointed where they need to go.

Data Team

We will need a large group of people to help us enter caucus data. You will join us on the Saturday after the caucuses, 11 February 2012, for a data entry party. You will bring your own computer, if you have one, and be surrounded by a team focussed on getting all our data entered into the DFL Vote Builder database ASAP. We will have pizza and expertise on hand to keep your energy up and your questions answered. Whether you can give a few hours or the whole day, we can use your help.

Other Precinct Caucus Related Opportunities

  • Media & Communications Team – Help get the word out throughout community about location & new registration proceedings. Draft/Revise content for website. Devise other outreach strategies. May include outreach to college campuses. Lots of opportunity for creative leaders here.
  • Outreach – reach out to underserved communities and let them know about caucuses. Need creative leader(s) and a few followers.
    No Twitter Messages.