Updating for a new year

These are the steps for updating our website for a new caucus year.

  • Preserve information about the past caucus for future organizers. Copy the content of the most recent caucus year (which should still be the main caucus page) and move it to a dedicated new page with the permalink “caucus-20XX” where 20XX is that old year. Make this page a child of the main caucus page. Make sure to choose the Caucus Sidebar and update the teaser on the page to warn people away from this old content.
  • Update the content of the main caucus page so that it reflects your new year. Note, do not change the permalink on this page (which should be “caucus”), but do change the headline and content of the page as appropriate. Pay special attention to links (like those to the resolutions and proxy forms) to be sure they are up-to-date. Look for current information at the DFL Caucus page.
  • Update the Caucus Sidebar to reflect the new year and the new links for forms.
  • Preserve and update the convenors and info-for-campaigns page in the same way you preserved and updated the main caucus page.
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