Caucus Convenors 2012

Thank you for agreeing to convene or co-convene your precinct caucus! Your are the heart of making Caucus 2012 go smoothly. If you have any questions about what you need to do on caucus night, please email or call one of our SD64 officers.

If you are signed up to convene an SD64 DFL caucus, please make sure you attend our precinct caucus convenor training session. There is only one left in the Activity Room at the Groveland Rec Center on Saint Clair Avenue, Saturday 2/4 at 10am.

If you have not been able to attend our training and won’t be able to get to the 2/4 session, please contact immediately to make alternate arrangements!

The state DFL has a state caucus page you can look at. It has a number of resources you can download, including the DFL governing documents and call (PDF) (PDF) for 2012.

We have created 2012 Caucus Convening instructions (PDF) that provide a guide to the evening and your responsibilities. It also has some important information about the SD64 caucus sites and site coordinators. If you did not get a copy of this document, please download it now and look it over.

If you think your caucus may need to use the “walking subcaucus” process to choose delegates, you may be interested in the Minnesota Subcaucus Calculator created by our own Associate Chair, Eric Celeste. This app calculates the number of delegates each subcaucus gets when you enter the total number of delegates your precinct or convention is allowed and how many people are in each subcaucus. The rules it follows appeared on page 5 of the DFL 2010-2011 Official Call, including the proper treatment of remainders. It makes the math involved in a walking subcaucus disappear. There are two versions:

This 2008 video by Team Franken might give you a feel for the walking subcaucus process. While you probably won’t use this process in your precinct caucus, you are likely to encounter it at the SD64 convention in March.

We will add resources to this page as they become available. Please feel free to email if you have any suggestions of what we should put here. Please check back the weekend before the caucuses to see if there is anything new to review.

Thanks again for taking on this vital role!

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