Caucus 2014

This is a past caucus, please visit the current caucus page!

Precinct caucuses will be on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014. Senate District 64 will have caucuses in three locations. Make sure you know what precinct you are in, and you should be able to find your caucus on the list below.


February 4, 2014
Registration starts at 6:30pm
Call to Order 7:00pm

Caucus Locations

Central High School

64AThese precincts will be gathering at Central High School, 275 N. Lexington Ave., for their caucuses. Room numbers are below; we will also have maps posted at Central when you get there to help you find your precinct.

  • W-1 P-1, Room 2406
  • W-1 P-7, Room 2408
  • W-1 P-13, Room 2410
  • W-2 P-1, Room 3101
  • W-2 P-2, Room 3102
  • W-2 P-4, Room 3104
  • W-3 P-12, Room 2306
  • W-4 P-1, Room 2307
  • W-4 P-3, Room 2311
  • W-4 P-4, Room 2312
  • W-4 P-5, Room 2403
  • W-4 P-6, Room 2404
  • W-4 P-8, Room 2200
  • W-4 P-9, Room 2405
  • W-4 P-10, Room 2201
Macalester College

64AMacalester and the precinct around it will hold their caucus on the Mac campus, 1600 Grand Ave, in the John B. Davis lecture hall in the basement of the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.

  • W-3 P-7
Highland Junior High School

64BThese precincts will be gathering at Highland Park Junior High, 975 S. Snelling Ave., for their caucuses. Room numbers are below; we will also have maps posted at Highland Junior when you get there to help you find your precinct.

  • W-2 P-6, Room 1314
  • W-3 P-1, Room 1323
  • W-3 P-2, Room 1101 (Cafeteria)
  • W-3 P-3, Room 1301
  • W-3 P-4, Room 1307
  • W-3 P-5, Room 1311
  • W-3 P-6, Room 1208 (Band)
  • W-3 P-8, Room 1305
  • W-3 P-9, Room 1306
  • W-3 P-10, Room 1308
  • W-3 P-11, Room 1215 (Orchestra)
  • W-3 P-13, Room 1316 (Science Lab)
  • W-3 P-14, Room 1202 (Auditorium)
  • W-4 P-7, Room 1214 (Choir)

Site coordinators

If any issues arise at your caucus location, please feel free to contact that location’s site coordinator.

Site coordinators for Central High

Beth Commers

Suzanne Sobotka

Site coordinator for Macalester

Max Milstein

Site coordinators for Highland Junior High

Rick Varco

Sharon Sudman

Quinn Doheny

What to expect


Please note that parking is limited around these sites. Consider walking or taking Metro Transit if those are options for you.


Registration opens at 6:30pm. If you have attended a caucus in your precinct in the past few years, you should get a reminder card in the mail. Please bring your reminder card to the caucus with you. This year you can register by bringing the reminder card to the meeting and signing it in front of one of our volunteers at the caucus. This should speed up registration significantly, so remember to bring your card!

If you do not receive a card, or if you forget your card, you can still register in other ways at the caucus location.

Becoming a Delegate or Alternate to the Convention

The caucus’s business meeting begins at 7pm. The meeting will begin by choosing its own officers (the people who will make sure the caucus runs smoothly), and then proceed to elect delegates to the Senate District convention. Note that under the 2014 rules, the caucus cannot begin electing convention delegates until 7:30pm. If you’re interested in organizing DFLers for this year’s races, if you want to be a delegate to the district or state convention, or if you want to have a say in who will attend those conventions, please stay for this part of the caucus.


If you have a resolution you would like your caucus to consider, please prepare it ahead of time. It must be brought to the caucus on the official state DFL resolution form. You may attach other prepared text to the form. If time allows, you may be able to read the action item of your resolution (skipping all the “whereas” clauses) and have it voted on by your neighbors. Even if time does not allow for reading all the resolutions, you will have a chance to pass the resolution from your caucus up to the senate district convention’s resolutions committee. You could even run to be a part of the resolutions committee!

What if you can’t be there?

If you cannot be at the caucus, you can still participate by filling out the nomination letter form (a “proxy”). Make sure to sign your letter!

If you can’t attend you can still:

  • Run to be a delegate or alternate at the Senate District Convention, tentatively scheduled for March 23
  • Sign up as a representative from your caucus to the convention committees (link to the committees)
  • Run for chair or associate chair of your precinct

After you download the proxy form, you can give to a neighbor in your precinct and they can bring it to the caucus. You can also mail it to SD64 Chair Elizabeth Wefel, 977 Goodrich Avenue # 4, St. Paul, MN 55105. Letters mailed to the chair must be received at least 72 hours in advance of the caucus to be guaranteed consideration. We will attempt to deliver later-received letters to the caucus, however, to be safe, please send your letter as soon as possible.


If you are interested in helping out during caucuses, please see our volunteer page. Thanks!


The convenor and co-convenor are critical roles at the precinct caucuses. Be sure to help your convenor make your caucus a smooth and enjoyable evening. If you have volunteered to be a convenor or co-convenor, please check out the resources on our convenor page.


We love having candidates at our caucuses, so please join us. But we do want you to know about the rules we have governing candidate activity at caucuses. Please review this information for campaigns. Thanks!

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