Information for Campaigns 2014

These are the rules the Senate District 64 DFL expects campaigns to follow as you participate in our 4 February 2014 Precinct Caucuses. Thank you for taking the time to review them.


  1. The buildings open to campaigns at 6:15 P.M.
  2. Caucuses will be convened at 7:00 P.M.
  3. All campaigns must be out of the buildings, with their materials collected, by 9:45 P.M. unless a precinct runs late.


  1. The Senate District will make a single table available to all campaigns for campaign literature on the first floor (i.e., every campaign will be putting their campaign lit on the same one table). Any campaign seeking DFL endorsement in this election cycle may leave literature on this table.
  2. For campaigns seeking endorsement for the House, we will make available half of a table where you can post a volunteer and have literature. A fee to cover our costs will be assessed for those campaigns taking advantage of the rule.

Signs and Stickers

  1. Campaign signs will NOT be allowed within the building. You will not be allowed to hang signs anywhere in the building.
  2. Campaigns may NOT distribute stickers at any location. Campaigns may distribute buttons, but please do not disrupt the flow of registration at the caucuses.


  1. Campaigns may distribute literature to individual rooms after 6:15 P.M.
    Campaigns should have a representative pick up their excess literature at the end of the caucuses (approximately 9:30 P.M.).
  2. Campaign literature will NOT be included in packets distributed to precinct conveners.
  3. Please DO NOT mail us literature to distribute. We will recycle it. If you would like to distribute literature at the caucuses, please see above.


  1. Our proposed precinct caucus rules limit candidate speeches to one minute.
  2. Only one candidate or surrogate per campaign may speak. (I.e., if a candidate shows up, they get a minute and no surrogates. If the candidate is not there, a surrogate may be allowed, but only for one minute).

Sheets

Photography of the caucus sign-in sheets and cards will not be allowed on caucus night. We will provide delegate information to all campaigns at the same time later in the week.


If you have any questions or any issues arise on the day of caucuses, please contact Senate District 64’s campaign liaison:

Suzanne Sobotka
612-eight five nine-6278

    No Twitter Messages.