Numbers from Caucus 2014

Thanks to an incredible team of volunteers, we actually have a very good set of preliminary numbers on how our precinct caucuses went last week. Please remember that these numbers will change as the Credentials Committee does its cleanup work, but we thought you might want to have some idea how caucuses went.


Attendees 803
64A 221
64B 582
Attendees and Letters 949
64A 238
64B 711
Delegates and Alternates 740
64A 189
64B 551


Credentials Committee meeting Thursday, 2/13

The next Credentials Committee meeting will be on Thursday 2/13, 7-9pm, Coffee Bene (just south of Cleveland and Grand). We begin our cleanup of the data entered by volunteers at our data entry party last week. Campaigns are welcome to observe our work, but please let us know at if you plan to send someone.

Nominations Committee meeting Tuesday, 2/25

We want you to run for a position within the SD64 Executive or Central Committee! Go to for information on all of the elected positions (this website will be updated to reflect information for the 2014 Convention but the job descriptions will remain the same). If you are interested in running for one of the positions please fill out the questionnaire (available here and submit it to Please direct any questions to that email address as well.

The next meeting of the Nominations Committee will be on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:00 p.m. in at Carondelet Village, 525 Fairview Ave. S. , St. Paul, MN 55116.
Directions: From Randolph (which is two lights south of Grand) and Snelling (there’s a gas station and Walgreen’s), go west (between the gas station and Walgreen’s) one mile to the next light (S&S Hardware and two coffee shops), which is Fairview and Randolph. Turn left, and the next right is Carondelet Village, 525 A (there is a sign to that effect), drive in the curvy driveway. There is a parking lot, or if the lot is full, there is always parking on the street within a couple of blocks. Entrance is under the big canopy entrance within the U-shape “courtyard” of the buildings.

Rules Committee meeting Saturday, 2/15

The SD64 Convention Rules Committee will meet on Saturday February 15th, from 9:30 AM until approx. 11:00. The meeting will be held at SEIU Healthcare Minnesota 345 Randolph Ave. #100 St. Paul MN 55102.

Directions to SEIU Healthcare Minnesota: At the intersection of Randolph and Sheppard Rd, turn South towards the river. Take the first left, but immediately turn right to go behind the brick sign structure and immediately left all the way down the parking lot, past the Minnesota Nurses office. Ring the buzzer to the right of the door.

Notes from Credentials, 2/8

Eric and Kat were unopposed for chair. Elected unanimously.

Eric wrangles data, Kat gets yelled at.

What to expect…

  • Lists
  • Challenges
  • Convention

Still a bit of concern about what happened at the infamous Ward 3 convention. We stressed that this was not an SD64 convention. The major lesson we have learned from Ward 3 is to increase transparency.

What kind of access do campaigns have to our work? They can come to our meetings. They can subscribe to for copies of important email. They each have a representative on our Box folder of scans of raw documents.

Any questions? Contact

Next meetings.

Thursday 2/13, 7-9pm, Coffee Bene (just south of Cleveland and Grand)

Saturday 2/15, 10:30am – 12:30pm, Rondo Library, Youth Services Room (University and Dale, parking under the library from University eastbound)

Help us Choose a New State Representative

You’ve probably heard by now that our beloved Rep. Michael Paymar has decided not to run for reelection. He’s been an important force at the capitol on a range of public safety and other issues. SD64 is lucky to have had his service all these years. With Michael stepping down that means we will have a contested endorsing convention for the 64B seat.

A couple of things for you to know and act on:

  • The 64 Convention will be in late March. We hope to have the date finalized by Monday.
  • Caucuses will be on Tuesday February 4. Caucus for 64 B will be at Highland Junior High. Mark your calendar!!
  • SD64 DFL is planning to make the caucus and convention process as transparent and fair to all comers as possible. We’ll be updating our website and facebook page with information on the caucuses, convention and the race as we move along.
  • As chair, Liz Wefel is remaining neutral in this race and is committed to a transparent operation for everyone. One aspect of that transparency is making sure that campaigns get equal info. Thus, if you or someone you know is planning to run please have them contact Liz at or at 651-492-3998. The Highland Villager has asked her for the names of those running, so she will be sharing that with them on Sunday. If you or someone you know is running, have them contact Liz by Sunday noon.

Financial Help For A Successful Caucus And Convention

For the caucuses and the convention to be a success we need your financial help!!! Seriously, these are expensive operations – especially with the turnout we expect The last time we had a contested endorsement contest in 64A, we had over 2,000 people at caucuses and close to 1,000 at the convention. There’s a lot that goes into these operations and as a completely volunteer driven organization we need your help!! You can donate $50 per person ($100 per couple) and get that money refunded back to you. Please do so before the end of the year! Please visit for more info or to donate on line. We need your help to make sure it works well.

Please don’t forget – our next central committee meeting will be December 11, 2013 at 7pm Macalester College Olin Rice Hall 150. The agenda will be posted 24 hours in advance of meeting. Everyone (well all the democrats) in SD64 are welcome – but if someone wants to get on the agenda that person should contact me in advance. I’ve already had one 64B candidate request to speak.