Notice to Candidates & Campaigns

If you are a candidate seeking endorsement through the caucus and
convention process in 2010 or a DFL-endorsed candidate up for
election in St. Paul in November, you are welcome to attend the
monthly Senate District 64DFL meeting to briefly address the group.
We ask that you contact us at so that we can plan
for you in advance. You will be allowed five minutes to speak. We
meet the first Wednesday of each month, usually at Macalester College
Olin Rice Hall Room 250, at 7pm. We start promptly and adjourn
the meeting as soon as business is down, no later than 8pm. We
adjourn to the Groveland Tap. You are welcome to join the crowd there
as well.

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  1. Please review our Information for Campaigns if you are attending our 2/2/2010 caucuses.

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