Credentials, Initial Meeting Notes

These are notes from our initial meeting on Saturday 2/10 at 10am.

Attending: Eric Celeste (convenor and notes), Lyn Burton (convenor), Ann Garvey, John Grafstrom, James Hamilton, Mark Holmquist, Suzanne Sobotka, Delisia Venus

Introduction to the Task

Eric described the tasks of credentials and others shared some advice based on past experience.

Election of Chair and Co-Chair

Eric Celeste and Lyn Burton put themselves in nomination to be co-chairs of the committee.

Vote: AYE

Notes: Lyn is not currently a member of the committee and will abstain from voting until the committee agrees to seat her. Eric will defer his voting privilege to the alternate from 4-7 (Ann Garvey) when she is present.

No Signatures

Motion: Subject to future challenge, if a delegate has filled in the contact information on a delegate or alternate sheet we will consider them as validly registered for the caucus even if they did not sign their registration card.

Vote: AYE

Caucusing in Wrong Precinct

Motion: We will take any delegate or alternate who caucused in the wrong precinct and count them as last alternates in their correct precincts. If there is no room in their correct precinct we will consider their cases again in committee.

Vote: AYE

Collapsing Alternate Ranks

Motion: In precincts where lines were skipped on the alternate sheets we will collapse the ranks to eliminate the skipped ranks.

Overlooked Proxies

Motion: In cases where it appears to one of the credentials committee co-chairs that a caucus has overlooked a clear request by a non-attendee to be selected as a delegate or alternate, we will, as long as there is room in the delegation, make such proxies last alternates in their caucus delegation.

Vote: AYE

Case: Commers

We received an email from Jon Commers (4-1) stating that his wife (Beth) forgot to leave his proxy at the caucus. Jon does appear in the 4-1 delegate list.

Decision: We accept Jon’s claim and make him a last alternate in 4-1.

For future discussion

Methods of ranking last alternates.

Need to gender balance some precinct alternate rankings (special note on 4-7 which apparently expected us to do this).

Need for follow-up on folks who signed up to be delegates or alternates but did not register at the caucus as attendees.

Future Meetings

  • NEXT MEETING: Saturday, 2/17, 10:30am, Highland Park Library, Community Room (2nd Floor)
  • Saturday, 3/3, 10:30am, Highland Park Library, Community Room (2nd Floor)
  • Saturday, 3/17, 10:30am, Highland Park Library, Community Room (2nd Floor)
  • Sunday, 3/25, 12:30pm, Central High School to help set up registration

Adjourned at 11:37am

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