Pre-convention Committees meet Saturday, 2/10

Initial meetings of pre-convention committees will be Saturday 2/10, 10am. No RSVP necessary, just come if you are a member or alternate to one of the committees.

They will meet at SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, 345 Randolph Ave. Suite 100.

Directions: Go to the intersection of Shepard Road and Randolph Ave. Follow Randolph off Shepard down towards the river. After passing the old power plant, turn left onto James Ave and then immediately turn right into the parking lot behind the sign that includes SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Drive to the end of the parking lot for SEIU Healthcare Minnesota.

2 Replies to “Pre-convention Committees meet Saturday, 2/10”

  1. Raymond W. Thron 8 February 2018 at 10:07am

    Good day! Can you tell me if a resolutions committee member and alternate were offered from the Ward 2, Precinct 1 caucus on 6 Feb. I was there, but do not recall any being selected. If non has been designated, may I attend. I have, in the past participated with the Resolutions Committee. Thank you.

    Ray T.

    1. Hi Ray, 2-1 did not send anyone to the resolutions committee. While you can only become a voting member though election at the precinct caucus, I am sure the resolutions committee (and every other committee, for that matter) would welcome you as a volunteer. Just contact the email address on the resolutions committee page. I will let them know you are interested.

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