Regarding 2018 endorsement process

This note was sent by Associate Chair Rick Varco to the SD64 DFL Central Committee. We wanted to share this on our website so that everyone would be on the same page with regard to how we are approaching the upcoming race for the 64A house seat.

You almost certainly saw that one of our State Representatives, Erin Murphy (64A), has announced that she is running for Governor and will seek the DFL endorsement in the summer of 2018. You may not have noticed, but our current SD64 DFL Chair, Liz Wefel, is listed as her campaign treasurer. This is no surprise since, for many years, Liz has served as the Treasurer of Erin’s State Representative campaign commitee. It is both allowable under the rules and common practice for SD Chairs to endorse candidates for office above the SD level. In the interests of transparency, we did, however, want to make sure central committee members were aware. As usual, we expect to run a 2018 Senate District convention that is a model of an open, fair, and efficient delegate selection process.

If Representative Murphy wins the DFL endorsement for Governor at the state convention, she would not be able to run in the DFL primary for her State House seat. On the other hand, if she were not endorsed, she would be eligible to run in the primary for State Representative. The Senate District officers have discussed this situation and our plan is to follow the practice of most other SDs in similar situations. We would expect to endorse a candidate for the other House seat (64B) at our normal SD convention before the state convention, but we would recommend deferring endorsement for 64A until after the state convention. It is likely that several ‘conditional’ candidates will emerge who say they are seeking the endorsement, if Rep. Murphy does not seek it.

We wanted to share this information early, so that if any Central Committee members had questions, concerns, or objections they would have the opportunity to share them with the Senate District officers. Feel free to email me at this address or the leadership team at This email encapsulates the information I shared verbally at the Central Committee meeting/Holiday party earlier this month.