Credentials Committee Update, 3/12

The Credentials Committee for the upcoming SD64 DFL Convention met for the first time on Saturday, 12 March. Thanks to all the great data entry work done by our volunteers, the committee was able to get right down to work and decide a number of issues.

It voted to accept registrations from the caucus even when the person registering neglected to sign their card or the registration form. The discussion of this point noted that we have many other indicators of actual attendance, including handwriting on the delegate sign-up sheets. We also expect a relatively calm convention since there are no contests for endorsement. So overall it seemed reasonable to relax this rule.

The Credentials Committee also voted to make delegates elected in the wrong precinct caucus (folks who were in the wrong room) the last alternates in their actual precinct delegations. In all cases where this occurred, the delegate slate for the precincts in question were already filled and a number of ranked alternates were already present, but there were alternate slots available to add these folks to the tail end of their proper delegations.

Finally, the committee “rolled the dice” to randomly rank alternates from four precincts which did not provide any ranking for their alternates.

More details of our decisions are available in the notes from the 3/12 meeting.

The next meeting of the Credentials Committee will be on 3/16. Please address any concerns or challenges to credentials@sd64dfl.org as soon as possible. Our goal is to complete the final cleanup of the delegate list by Monday 3/21.

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