Proposed changes to SD64 DFL Constitution

The Rules and Constitution Committee has proposed changes to the SD64 DFL Constitution that was adopted in May of 2012. The current version of the Constitution is available on our Constitution Page. You may want to review a version of the Constitution with the proposed changes; we’ll vote on whether to adopt the changes at our March 23 convention. The Rules and Constitution Committee co-chairs explain the proposed changes as follows:

The 2012 DFL State Convention adopted several revisions to the DFL State Constitution and requested that local units update their constitutions to reflect these changes.

  • Article II, Section 1 of the State DFL Constitution indicates that all DFL party organizations shall establish and adopt constitutions and bylaws subordinate to and in compliance with the DFL Constitution and Bylaws.
  • The SD64 Constitution, Article II also indicates that it is to be subordinate to the Constitutions and Bylaws of the 4th Congressional District DFL and the Official Call, Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota State DFL Party.

  • In order to make the language in the SD64 Constitution consistent with the revisions made at the 2012 State Convention, the rules committee recommends the following changes to the SD64 Constitution as reflected in the proposed draft.

  • Throughout the Constitution, “Associate Chair” has been changed to “Vice Chair” and “Affirmative Action Officer” has been changed to “Outreach Officer.”
  • The ranking of officers has also changed, with the Outreach Officer now ranking between the Vice Chair and the Secretary.