Notes from Credentials, 2/15

At today’s meeting the credentials committee made the following decisions:

(0) We decided to provide access to our “shadow list” to the campaigns in 64B so that they can better track our decision making. It turns out that VoteBuilder (the VAN) is lagging in getting data from our workspace to theirs. This shadow list will not include phone numbers or email addresses. (Note, this decision was made before Vince began taking the notes linked to below.)

(1) We voted to allow all the “nosig” delegates and alternates to be seated. This is in accord with past SD64 credentials committees which have taken the same action. We recognized that there are other sources of evidence that people attended besides their signatures, such as the delegate sign-up sheets themselves.

(2) We voted to accept the letter nomination from 3-4 even though the writer wrote their address at St. Kate’s as “2004 Fairview” instead of “2004 Randolph”.

(3) We voted to allow the convener of 2-2 to be seated as a delegate if that was his intent.

(4) We voted to accept the delegate list provided by 3-3 on their minutes sheet since it was indicated that this list, and not the list on the dark blue sheets, should be considered so.

(5) We voted to accept a letter nomination from 3-8 which had been misplaced the convener on the evening of the caucus, once we get the original from our SD64 chair.

(6) We voted to accept a letter nomination from 4-8 once we confirm with the caucus convener that the copy we have matches the copy presented to the caucus on a mobile device.

We agreed to meet next Saturday, 2/22, 10:30am, at Rondo Library.

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