Affirmative Action Committee Meeting, Monday 6/2

TJ writes:

The next Affirmative Action Committee meeting will be held at 7:00 PM June 2nd at 1550 Hague Avenue in St Paul. The committee has been holding meetings every two weeks so far, and I assume the next meeting will be June 16th at 7:00 PM with a location to be determined.

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    TJ writes:

    SD64 Affirmative Action Committee
    Meeting Notes from 2 June 2008

    In attendance: Liz Wefel, Judy Harvey, Anne White, Nick Kado, TJ Yocum


    Liz mentioned that all announcements for the committee meetings should be posted on the website or Facebook page.

    Nick was part of the door knock campaign that took place on the 31st of May. He mentioned that there is a significant interest from those he visited in the presidential campaign even though the door knocking was done to notify people about the SD64 celebration.

    Anne mentioned she had received a written strategy for reaching individuals in apartments from a friend of hers on the east coast. She will share that with everyone.

    African Immigrants

    Nick mentioned this was a touchy time for door knocking because of the presidential race.


    No new updates. Judy has made a strong effort to contact individuals and groups but has not heard back from any of them yet.


    Anne has talked to Councilman Melvin Carter (Ward 1). He said he would help us and they came to the understanding that working with SD65 would be helpful. Ward 1 covers parts of SD64 and SD65. Liz added that including SD66 might be beneficial too.


    The DFL Party will have tables at various summer events. Although the committee won’t need to set up our own tables, we might consider providing volunteer help and/or handouts for these events. Contact McKenzie Taylor for more information.


    No new updates other than the fact that the committee has learned through Cy Thao that there about four families in SD64 – another reason to work with other districts.


    Julie was not able to attend the meeting but communicated through TJ that she has put together some draft fliers. She is looking for program dates to add to those fliers.
    Judy mentioned that posters/fliers/advertising in selected businesses and papers would boost our efforts to reach the target audience.


    TJ presented a draft plan for a program. He suggested the program be 20-30 minutes maximum and provided examples of key points and activities that would engage the audience. The rest of the group added their comments and suggestions.

    Liz suggested that we check the available DFL outreach material as well as start developing a specific budget for programs and advertising. She mentioned that the general budget is low and that we should look for work/materials to be donated as well as purchased.

    Assignments for next time

    TJ – work on a more formal version of the program draft to be presented to a joint meeting of SD64, SD65, and SD66.

    Nick – contact SD65 and SD66 Affirmative Action Committees and set up a date to meet and start putting efforts into action.

    Nick – check with Liz regarding the need/rules for providing interpreters at programs.

    Upcoming absences

    Anne will be out of town until July 4th.

    Nick will be out of town until June 19th.

    TJ has taken an organizing job with the DFL. Due to the conflicting hours of the job he will be unavailable to the committee as a regular member.

    Next Meeting

    Nick will try to set up a three-district meeting after he returns to town.

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