SD64 DFL Supports Raising the Minimum Wage

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the SD64 DFL adopted a resolution supporting an increase in Minnesota’s minimum wage. The resolution, sponsored by the Raise the Wage! coalition, looks to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2015. The resolution also calls for automatic increases each year to keep up with inflation, so that minimum wage workers won’t need to wait for the legislature to play catch-up each year.
Minnesota’s minimum wage is currently lower than the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. At $7.25 an hour, a full-time worker can expect to make just $15,000 a year. Of course, many minimum wage jobs are not full time, so many minimum wage workers have to get by on even less than $15,000. Minnesota’s workers deserve better thank that, but they need your help to make that happen.
The Raise the Wage! coalition is currently focused on getting the $9.50/hour proposal through the Senate during the next legislative session, and has put together a list of target Senators:

Senator Kari Dziedzic
SD60 – Minneapolis
Phone: (651)296-7809
E-mail her through her official Senate website.

Senator Melisa Franzen
SD49 – Edina
Phone: (651)296-6238
E-mail her at sen.melisa.franzen@senate.mn.

Senator Vicki Jensen
SD24 – Owatonna
Phone: (651)296-9457
E-mail her at sen.vicki.jensen@senate.mn.

Senator Susan Kent
SD53 – Woodbury
Phone: (651)296-4166
E-mail her through her official Senate website.

Senator James Metzen
SD52 – South St. Paul
Phone: (651)296-4370
E-mail him at sen.jim.metzen@senate.mn.

Senator Kathy Sheran
SD19 – Mankato
Phone: (651)296-6153
E-mail her at sen.kathy.sheran@senate.mn.

Senator Rod Skoe
SD2 – Clearbrook
Phone: (651)296-4196
E-mail him at sen.rod.skoe@senate.mn.

Senator Dan Sparks
SD27 – Austin
Phone: (651)296-9248
E-mail him at sen.dan.sparks@senate.mn.

If you know these Senators, we urge you to contact them. If you have any friends in these districts, get them to call their Senators to discuss the benefits of a higher minimum wage.
By the way, you might be wondering why SD64’s own Senator Richard Cohen isn’t on the above list. Good news! Richard Cohen has already agreed to support and champion the proposed increase in Minnesota’s minimum wage. If you want to thank him for this support, you can call him at (651)296-5931, or e-mail him using the form on his official Senate website.

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