Meet the candidates: Melanie McMahon

McMahonWe here at the SD64 DFL thought that our dear readers (that’s you) might be interested in meeting some of the candidates for the 64B DFL endorsement. We’ve asked all the candidates to answer some questions, and we’ll be posting their answers here all week for your reading pleasure. We’ll start with Melanie McMahon.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how long have you lived in District 64B?

My grandmother moved to Randolph Ave. more than seventy years ago and the first place my parents lived in after they were married was also on Randolph Ave. My husband Scott and I bought our house in District 64B just blocks from Randolph Ave. about nine years ago and prior to that we lived in Mac-Groveland. This community continues to offer the things that first attracted my grandmother to the neighborhood, such as high quality education, access to transportation, parks and open space. We love this community and have chosen to raise our family here.

What is your community involvement? What is your current job and other volunteer commitments?

I am an attorney, have worked in both the private and public sector, and also volunteer extensively in the community. Currently, I serve as the Vice-Chair of the Capital Investment Board (CIB) for St. Paul and have also been the SD64 Representative on the CIB. Additionally, I am the Grid #5 Representative on the Highland District Council. Within SD64 I have volunteered for DFL endorsed candidates and am Campaign Manager for Rep. Michael Paymar. Previously, I have served on the Randolph Heights ECFE Site Council and been a mentor in the University of St. Thomas School of Law Mentor Program.

Why are you running for office? What is the most pressing issue that you would like to tackle in the 2015 Legislative Session?

I am running for State Representative to be a strong advocate for progressive values. The most pressing issue I would focus on is education, specifically early childhood education and vocational training. I believe that providing high quality education is crucial to solving so many other challenging issues, such as poverty. Only one of my grandparents had an opportunity to go to high school and both of my parents were the first in their families to go to college, so I have seen firsthand the opportunities available once people have access to high quality education. Education must extend beyond the traditional classroom. In addition to providing a living wage, individuals need to have access to vocational education and job training programs.

Would you be willing to abide by the endorsement of the DFL Senate District?

Yes, I am seeking and abiding by the DFL endorsement.

What is your favorite thing to during a weekend in St. Paul?

I love to start my weekends with a long run or a bike ride along the river and through the neighborhood. After time spent reading and relaxing with my family we usually go to a park, or if the weather isn’t cooperating we find something fun indoors like bowling at Ran-Ham. We love how many great local restaurants there are in the neighborhood and are continuously trying new ones.

Got your own questions for Melanie McMahon? Ask her at mcmahonsd64@gmail.com.

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