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Support the DFL – for free!

What would you say if I told you that you could support the DFL from the comfort of your home for free? Sounds like a deal that’s too good to be true, right?

Wrong! Thanks to the Political Contribution Refund, you can donate to a wide range of DFL organizations and candidates, and the State of Minnesota will refund your contribution back to you. It’s a very innovative form of public financing; in the end, you don’t spend a dime.

It’s pretty simple: you make a donation to a qualifying political entity (more on this in a moment), you receive a receipt from your contribution, then fill out a simple form and send it, with the receipt, to the Department of Revenue. Within 8 to 12 weeks, the Department of Revenue will send you a refund in the amount of your contribution, up to $50 (or $100 for a married couple filing jointly). Anyone eligible to vote in Minnesota is eligible for the refund.

At this point, you probably want to scream “sign me up!” but have a voice in the back of your head asking “where should I make my $50 qualifying donation.” Good news! Your donation to support the SD64 DFL qualifies for the PCR program. Just head on over to the Donations page, make a donation, and we’ll get you a receipt and a refund form.

If you have any questions, the Department of Revenue has more information, as does the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. The PCR is your money, and citizens like you get to decide who will get it. It means a lot to us to have your support. Thank you.

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