Obama Signs

A message from state DFL chair Brian Melendez…

Good news: The Campaign for Change recently received a fresh batch
of Obama-Biden signs, the biggest order in the state so far in this campaign
cycle. The Obama campaign is giving them out for free.

As we all know, the scarcity of Obama signs has been a persistent
issue ever since Senator Obama captured the nomination. But let me dispel a
misconception: Some people think that Obama signs are hard to find because
the campaign ordered fewer than usual. On the contrary, the supply is
comparable to the supply of Kerry signs that were available in 2004. The
difference is that demand is much higher. Remember the precinct caucuses?
Turnout at the 2008 caucuses was four times as high as in 2004, and more
than seven times as high as in 2006. The demand for Obama signs has also
been disproportionately higher than the demand for Presidential signs in
previous cycles. The signs have disappeared from Obama offices nearly as
fast as they have arrived: for example, in the late summer, a delivery of
over five thousand signs was totally gone in less than 36 hours.

The latest batch of signs is available at Campaign for Change
headquarters, 777 Raymond Avenue, St. Paul. If you are heading over to pick
up some signs, please call 651.644.4850 to make sure that there are still
signs available.