Thank you for a great convention!

Thank you to everyone who attended the convention yesterday and a special thanks to all volunteers and donors who helped make it a success. And if you didn’t make it, we missed you and hope you join us for an upcoming event. As we wrap things up, I’m writing to update you on the activities and make a special plea to help retire the debt. (If you want to help without reading further, visit our donations page.)

Here are some of the important highlights:

  • U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Brian Bergson led us in the pledge of allegiance and helped us remember those who are serving our country.
  • We welcomed new neighbors from the old SD66.
  • More than 303 out of 552 eligible delegates/alternates attended.
  • We adopted a new constitution.
  • We elected 29 delegates & alternates to attend the state and 4th CD conventions.
  • We elected a new slate of officers, directors, and delegates to the State Central Committee and 4th CD. Our new officers include Elizabeth Wefel, Chair; Rick Varco, Associate Chair; Katie Gasper, Secretary; Eric Celeste, Treasurer; Ann Mongoven, Affirmative Action Officer; and Adam Chelseth, Fundraising Chair. You can also check out the entire slate of directors and alternates.
  • More than 271 people voted on resolutions. Our resolutions team is finalizing results and will post to our website soon.

Conventions cost money — lots of money. Room rental (more than $1000), sound system (provided at the request of several hard of hearing delegates), supplies, printing (hundreds of agendas, constitutions, resolutions, ballots, signs), postage and more. We try to economize where we can — that’s why we ask that folks share copies of the resolutions, but printing alone cost more than $800. Thank you everyone who contributed, we appreciate it. Unfortunately we fell short — at least $1000 short.

If you didn’t get a chance, we need your help. Please chip in what you can to help us eliminate the debt. You can send us a check to SD64DFL, PO Box 4154, St. Paul 55104 or donate on line. Thank you for your support.

And one more reminder — we’d love to stay in touch with you and keep you updated on your events. If you want to receive our weekly newsletter (and we promise, no more than once a week sometimes less) please subscribe to our “notify” list. Even if you’ve been receiving lots of emails from me, that doesn’t mean you are on our “notify” list. So, go subscribe to be sure! And join our facebook group too!

Please keep in touch there’s lots of important work ahead of us.

Elizabeth Wefel
Senate District 64 DFL Chair

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