SD64 DFL 2012 Convention Official Call in the Mail

The official call to the SD64 DFL 2012 Convention on March 25 is in the mail. It was sent on Tuesday and should get to delegates and alternates soon. Meanwhile, here is the key information from the call.

The Senate District 64 DFL Convention will be on March 25th, 2012
more information at: www.sd64dfl.org/convention

Registration open: 11:30 AM – Convention Begins 12:30pm – Allow time for parking and carpool or use transit if you can.

If you need special accommodations (Interpreter, Seating, Parking etc.), call Robert Hemphill at 847-757-6091 or email him at hemphill.robertm@gmail.com.

If you want to be a leader of the Senate District DFL, we need you. Please call Kathleen Murphy at 612-709-6350 or email her at mkathleenmurphy@gmail.com or Adam Chelseth at 612-701-5982 or email him at adam.chelseth@gmail.com to find out how you can participate.


  1. Call to Order by the 2011 Senate District 64 Chair (time certain at 12:30)
  2. Flag ceremony
  3. Reading of Affirmative Action Statement
  4. Credentials Committee First Report – Resolution of any credentials challenges
  5. Election of Convention Chair(s)
  6. Rules Committee Report – Adoption of Rules and Agenda
  7. Ratification of Presidential Preference Ballot (added since the call went out)
  8. Constitution Committee Report and Adoption of Senate District 64 Constitution
  9. Resolutions Committee First Report
    • Reading of the Platform Resolutions Statement
    • Explanation of Voting Process
  10. Senate District Officer reports, if any
  11. Nominations Committee Report – Election of Party Officers
    • Chair
    • Associate Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Affirmative Action Officer
    • Fundraising Chair
    • 17 Directors
    • 7 Alternate Directors
  12. Nominations Committee Report – Election of State Central Committee members:
    • 8 Delegates
    • 8 Alternates
    • 2 Alternates for Chair and Associate Chair
  13. Nominations Committee Report – Ratification of Senate District Central Committee members
  14. Endorsement of State Senate Candidate for SD 64
  15. Endorsement of House District Candidate for HD 64A
  16. Endorsement of House District Candidate for HD 64B
  17. Resolutions Committee Second Report
  18. Credentials Committee Second Report
  19. Election of State and 4th CD/Ramsey County Convention Delegates and Alternates
    • State and 4th CD/Ramsey County Convention Delegates and Alternates
    • Reporting of State and 4th CD/Ramsey County Delegates and Alternates to the Convention Chair
    • Election of State Delegation Co-Chairs by State Convention Delegation
  20. Election of Congressional District Pre-Convention Committee members and alternates
    • Rules
    • Credentials
    • Arrangements
    • Nominations
    • Resolutions
  21. Consideration of Petition Resolutions for the DFL Action Agenda and Ongoing Platform if there are any
  22. Other Business
  23. Adjournment
    No Twitter Messages.