Data Management Working Group, Tuesday 5/20

Kat Sherman writes:

The first meeting for the SD 64 Data Management working group will be Tuesday, May 20th at 8 pm, at the DFL Coordinated Campaign offices at:

Wright Building
2233 University Ave., Suite 342
Saint Paul, MN 55114.

The building is a few blocks west of University and Vandalia.

At the meeting, we’ll talk about how the working group will work, what we need to do to get ready for Project ID, and what people would like to see happen with the group moving forward. We will also, inevitably, be discussing the VAN database and how we’ll utilize it.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Data Management working group, please let me know, or show up at our meeting. We’ve got a lot of work to do this summer supporting Project ID and our other Senate District initiatives. We’d love to have anyone join us who has an interest in working with entering the data from our events, pulling and managing the lists, and basically figuring out how we’re going to know who we have to contact and who we have contacted. If you’ve never done data management before, that’s all right- we’d love to teach you.

  1. efc05-28-2008

    Kat sends these mintues…

    Meeting minutes

    DFL Data Management working group


    • Introductions
      • Kat Sherman, Secretary and Data Management coordinator
      • Andy Pieper, Project ID coordinator
      • Sheri Smith (VAN id)
      • Charles Stander
      • Nathan Pankratz
      • Rod Olson
      • Mike Lewis
      • Marisa Vape


      Project ID

      Other data needs- how to manage

      • Project ID
        • May 31st VAN training and kick-off
        • ID effort for SD 64 voters
        • Precinct chairs and associate chairs make phone calls, contacts to unidentified voters
        • Getting Ided voters to volunteer
      • Data work
        • Pulling the data smoothly
        • Entering the data smoothly
        • Mackenzie Taylor will do the list pulls for May 31st
        • The Data Management working group will meet to enter the new data
      • Other data management
        • Keeping data private
        • Keeping non-VAN data
        • Mike work on a database
      • More Caucus data to enter
      • For next time:
        • Get VAN training
        • Look at the Googledocs list
        • Bring ideas about how best to manage the data
      • Next meeting: 8 pm 6/3 (Tuesday) at 570 Laurel #1
        No Twitter Messages.